Workshop The soul of your nation: 20-22 juni in Amsterdam


Wolfgang J. Aurose & Soleil Aurose



We will learn to connect to our soul via the Layers of the Heart process which has been developed by Soleil Aurose. It’s profoundly life changing as one can experience oneself as a continuum of being- a personality, a Soul and a transpersonal Self. The experience becomes anchored in the Akashic record of the cells, which makes returning to this experience in meditation much easier.



We will then focus on discovering and feeling the qualities and shadows of our Nation Soul in our own body. We can experience why our soul choose to be born in our nation, how our soul can contribute to our nation’s soul dharma, how we can discern qualities of our nation soul and ego in our body and transform the negative shadows. We may also gain insights if our soul wants to commit with another nation’s soul at this point in our life. We may see ourselves as well as nations as purposeful spiritual beings in an on-going divine evolution. We will experience an expanded sense of identity and feel a new sense of Home, peace and safety within. We will focus particularly on the souls of Holland, Belgium/Flanders and France.


U kunt zich inschrijven voor de lezing op vrijdagavond of voor de hele workshop.
Informatie & aanmelding:
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Aanmelding & betaling
vóór 18 mei 2014.
De toegangsprijs is exclusief overnachting & maaltijden;
Nederlandse en Belgische Aurovilianen betalen een gereduceerd (naar draagkracht).
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