Nieuwsbrief COLAAP #50

De jongste editie van COLAAP (Collaboration for Auroville Area Protection), #50 is verschenen.

"Greetings from Auroville!
This message is coming to you from its Land section.
After a period of silence, we are pleased to update with the progress report in securing the material foundation of Auroville.
Please find attached COLAAP Newsletter No.50 (December 2012)
We are at your service for any query you may have on reading the newsletter.
With much thanks for your valued attention and goodwill,
With kind regards,
Aryadeep (for LFAU)"

Zie hier: voor het overzicht of hier voor de laatste nieuwsbrief: Collaboration for Auroville Area Protection - Newsletter n.50,
September 2011- December 2012

Auroville International Nederland

Auroville International Nederland (AVI NL) is de Nederlandse afdeling van de internationale niet-gouvernementele organisatie Auroville International.
Vanuit Nederland ondersteunt AVI NL de opbouw van de Stad van de Dageraad, in India.

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